Our Service

Legal and Licensing Consulting Services

  • Identify individuals who are qualified to act as a Responsible Officer for any Third Party Administrator (TPA) in New York.
  • We will provide oversight of all the operating issues within your company to assure complete compliance with all New York rules and regulations in the delivery of your service to your clients and claimants.
  • We will meet as required with the New York Workers' Compensation Board (WCB) to discuss the operations of your company.

General Operational and Financial Consulting Services

  • We will assist in creation of annual operating budgets with the goal of maintaining company profitability within the targeted range.
  • Monitor, as required, the financial performance of your company, raising issues with your senior management to identify potential problems.
  • When operating problems are identified, develop solutions. These solutions may include reorganization of work flow, cost-revenue analysis of providing various services and changes to the mix of services offered by in house staff versus outside vendors.
  • Keep you up to date with industry trends.

Specific Contract Pricing Service

  • We will assist with perform pricing development for the all types of service contracts, including:
    • Life of claim contract pricing
    • Life of contract pricing
    • Unusual and one off contract situations.